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The History Of Shea Butter -
Shea butter is not a recent discovery or accomplishment. This all-natural product has been around for
centuries and is made in 19 African countries.

Shea butter continues to attract the interest of cosmetic companies as they aim to garner their share of the
shea butter market. As more and more companies "put their hand in the pot", consumers are being presented
with more and more choices concerning shea butter. Don't be confused or misled. Not all shea butter is the

Q: Is All Shea Butter Equal?
A: Simply put, no. All shea butter is not equal. Many companies promote that their shea butter is 100% pure
shea butter, and even though that might be the case, in many cases, the shea butter that they are promoting is
not the best you can get. For the most part, there are two types of shea butter commonly promoted right now.
The difference between the two is that one is refined, and one is not.

Q: What is the difference between refined and unrefined shea butter?
A: Shea butter, in its natural state, varies in color from a beige to off-white, to a mild yellow, to a bright
yellow,and has a slight nutty/smoky odor to it. When shea butter has been refined, the color and odor is
removed, making it white in color, and odorless. Though nothing is added during this process, which is why it
is still 100% shea butter, by removing the natural color and odor of the butter, some characteristics of the
butter are lost.

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